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We've all heard that laughter is contagious - so is love. In a time when the world was experiencing unprecedented illness, and physical separation during a global pandemic, there was a need for human connection and support. Spread love, not COVID is meant to rally people around one cause and that is to spread love within your community while practicing and encouraging safety measures to prevent COVID-19. Our hope is to inspire people to connect again through acts of kindness. 

It is simple.

For over 50 years we have lived in harmony with 3 simple rules; no shoes, no shirt, no service. We are simply adding 3 more requests to this idea.

Wear a Mask

Get Tested

Get Vaccinated

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Maggie Humphries

Mother and Community Leader

Advocate for Love

One thing that spreads farther and faster than COVID-19, is love! Spread love, not COVID in simple ways that help you stay connected even while we have to maintain physical distance. Our advocates for love have committed to prioritizing the safety of themselves and others but have found ways to stay active in their community and remain connected with friends and family. Spreading love may be a random act of kindness for some, what does spreading love look like to you?

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Young Woman with Mask

Become an Advocate of Love

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